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Ruijie Cloud

Ruijie Cloud is a cloud-based service that help user manage and control devices and networks. It can monitor the network and configurate or remote control devices, plus authentication and marketing management. It should be useful for chain stores, small and medium enterprises, enterprises with a headquarters-branch structure, operator's networks, and other lightweight scenarios.

Ruijie Cloud not only implements AP management, but also realizes wireless control functions, such as automatic channel and power adjustment, optimized  radio frequency (RF) management, and L2/L3 roaming to provide an actually available wireless network.It also can solve the problems of access points (APs) or other devices scattered in different cities and store locations that are difficult to manage or monitor in a centralized way. Weak coupling between Cloud Service and APs and separation of management from data better suits a cross-Internet wireless network,and in low cost.







Retail Chain & Mall

Auto provisioning: With plug-n-play AP, MACC allows you to provision new Access Point in your existing network automatically without manual intervention

New advertisement method: Preventing the interference from other APs, Ruijie AP700 Series integrated with Bluetooth iBeacon, working with 3rd party mobile Apps (such as WeChat Shake) can be used as a new interactive marketing tool for advertisement pushing to guests


Zero-Deadzone Wireless Coverage: With Ruijie’s X-sense AP, tenants can enjoy 360 degree wireless coverage without dead zones to guarantee optimal Wi-Fi signal for each direction

Support Social Authentication: inner portal can support Facebook Social Authentication methods for users to gain access to a free Wi-Fi

Transportation/Digital Signage

Mobility 4G Backhaul & WiFi Service: Empowered by RG-MTFi Mobile LTE Router, which is a compact industrial-grade design LTE and WiFi router, pefect for providing stable 4G Internet & WiFi service in extreme environments. Working with MACC management platform, all RG-MTFi router device configuration and realtime status can be managed centrally.

Media Publishing Platform: In collarboration with Ruijie RG-MTFi Mobile LTE Router, which offers a built-in hard disk for local content caching from centralized Content Management Server (CMS). Featured videos, music and popular APPs can be locally stored to eliminate 3G/4G data costs. It minimizes the disruption media broadcasting even during internet connectivity outage. User can easily and quickly access such resources via the Wi-Fi network.

GPS Fleet Tracking Services: Taking advantage of RG-MTFi Mobile LTE Router, which bundled with GPS feature, together with Ruijie MACC integration, the vehicle can be visualized by Google Map either in real-time or historical vehicle location

Marketing segmentation: Passenger profile can be built by dividing into different segmentations based on passenger online duration, information of get on/off places and etc.


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